Baroque (C1018SS)


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C1018SS Baroque, silver plated Small Coin, 23.6mm

Small Pendant(s)/Bezel(s)-25mm

  1. P01SS Silver plated
  2. P04SS Silver plated pendant with Sporadic 12 Swarovski stones
  3. P07SS Silver plated pendant with Top Half Swarovski stones
  4. P10SS Silver plated pendant with Bottom Half 14 square Swarovski stones
  5. PSW01SS Silver plated with Full Swarovski stones

Chain Length(s)

  1. N01S48 Silver plated Short Thin and 3mm x 48cm (approx. 18 3/4″)
  2. N01S60 Silver plated Medium Thin and 3mm x 60cm (approx. 23 1/2″)
  3. N01S80 Silver plated Long Thin and 3mm x 80cm (approx. 31 1/2″)


Additional information

Chain Length

48cm (N01S48), 60cm (N01S60), 80cm (N01S80)

Bezel/Pendant Style

Silver Bottom Half Crystal Small (P10SS), Silver Full Crystal Small (PSW01SS), Silver Plain Small (P01SS), Silver Sporadic 12 Crystal Small (P04SS), Silver Top Half Crystal Small (P07SS)

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